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Why Attorneys Need Schema Markup (part 1)

968 views | 11/30/2015 | 0 Comments | Tighe Wilhelmy

What is Schema Markup?

Today I’m going to explain what schema markup is, and why it’s so important to include in your law firm’s video marketing strategy. Schema markup consists of adding microdata, which is really just a fancy word for information for different elements or objects associated with your website. However, since we specialize in video marketing and video production for lawyers, I’m going to focus on explaining schema markup for lawyers with video.

Importance of Microdata

Before I begin explaining all the different properties associated with schema markup, let’s review why it’s important to do this in the first place. Search engines love information. They love being able to come across a product, or a book, or a video and instantly understand everything there is to know about that element. This allows them to improve their quality of search results which they return to millions of consumers on a daily basis.

Video Rich SnippetsVideo Rich Snippets for Lawyers

When proper schema markup has been added to your legal videos, search engines provide what are called rich snippets. Video rich snippets are when the actual thumbnail of the video appears in the search results, as opposed to organic or ad text links. As you may imagine, this creates a clear advantage to anyone who is able to generate a video rich snippet in Google search results.

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