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Video Schema Markup for Attorneys (part 2) | Video Marketing

1068 views | 12/14/2015 | 0 Comments | Tighe Wilhelmy

Schema Markup PropertiesVisit

Now that we’ve covered the importance of schema markup itself let’s discuss the properties and what you should include. Proper schema markup for videos requires number one, the title. Two, the description. Three, the thumbnail URL and four, the upload date. However, there are many other properties that can be added as well. This includes the duration of the video, the file size, the publisher, the author, the transcript and so much more. Visit to find a list of additional properties your law firm should be considering.

Self Hosting vs. Embed Codes

Now it’s one thing to explain all this. Let’s take a second to look at a side by side comparison of HTML code that does and does not have schema markup. It’s important to understand that this can be accomplished whether you’re hosting your legal videos on your own site or using an embed code. The only difference is that you’ll include a property for the embed URL so the search engines can identify where the source is. If you’re still deciding which hosting solution is best for you or your law firm please take a look at my video on video hosting for lawyers.

This is where we highlight some of the pros and cons of different hosting platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo and Local Lawyer Guide. If you have any additional questions regarding schema markup please post your questions below and I’ll be sure to respond. If necessary, we’ll even add it to our videos series. For more information on each of these elements and many more please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be notified of newly published videos covering these topics in depth. Till next time, I’m Tighe Wilhelmy with Local Lawyer Guide, see you soon.

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