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Homepage Evolution – Law Firm Website Traffic

1442 views | 10/21/2015 | 0 Comments | Tighe Wilhelmy

Growth of Referral TrafficSide Door Traffic

In this video, I’ll be explaining the evolution of the homepage and how it relates to your law firm’s landing pages. Now, what do I mean by evolution of the homepage? Well, as social media websites have rapidly grown over the years, so to has the referral traffic that those sites send to other sites, including your law firm’s website. This is referred to as side-door traffic and it has dramatically increased over the years.

Social Media

In fact, only 25% to 35% of your website’s total traffic comes in through your homepage. This is significantly different than three to five years ago when that traffic was 60% to 70%. In addition to the emergence of noteworthy social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google has placed an enormous emphasis on content creation and blogging. If you’re not publishing content on a regular basis, at least two to three times a week, then that’s a completely separate legal marketing issue you need to explore if you’re serious about your law firm’s marketing strategy.

Landing Pages for Law FirmsLanding Page Conversions

So what does all this really mean? It means that you can no longer get away with only having a homepage that converts. Your law firm’s website needs to convert visitors on all of its landing pages which tends to be practice area pages for most law firms, and there’s no better way to improve conversion rates than by adding professional video content to those pages. Using video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%.

Moreover, between 64% and 84% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it. Hopefully this illustrates the importance of video marketing on your law firm’s homepage and landing pages.

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Tighe Wilhelmy

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