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Understanding Retargeting for Lawyers

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This is Steve Long from Precision Legal Marketing. In this video, we’re going to be talking about re-marketing and retargeting. So many folks refer to this topic as re-marketing or retargeting. Today we’re just going to use the word retargeting.

What is Retargeting for Lawyers?

What is retargeting? Retargeting is taking all of the users and visitors to your website, and then following them around with ads for your law firm as they search the Internet. So bare with me guys. It’s a complicated topic, but I’ll try to simplify it as best I can. If you are looking for a lawyer visit

Retargeting Example

Probably the earliest use of retargeting that I know of, is at the grocery store. Every time you check out with one of these rewards cards, you’re actually being followed, you just didn’t know it. Everyone of your grocery items is checked from week to week every time you go to the store.  All of that data captured on that card, to put those groceries the next time you’re there in the most profitable location possible.

Using the Display Network

All right. Let’s bring it back to actual web marketing for law firm, shall we.  Your potential client visits your website looking for legal help. They then leave your site without retaining you. Later they surf the web. While surfing the web they see your ad on their favorite websites. This is actually called the Display Network for all intents and purposes.

94% of US Internet users use websites that are within the Display Network. So one of two things happen. They remember your firm, see your ad, and give it a click, and are now directed back to your website, where you have the opportunity to hopefully capture them as a new client intake. Or they’re at least exposed to your logo and other branding items in an ad. So when they return to your website, because they’ve been there before and been exposed to the things that you have on it, they’re more likely to retain you.

Okay. Wow, let’s slow that down for a second. So yes, I did just tell you that I can track somebody who came to your website, didn’t call you, didn’t email, didn’t fill out one of your forms, and then follow them around on the Internet. How long? Usually I like to use between 30 and 60 days. I find that that is most effective. Setting up a re-targeting campaign is not for the faint at heart. You definitely want to work through your webmaster or some other professional. That’s it for now. Steve Long from Precision Legal Marketing, (757) 561-6811, or leave me some comments below and let me know what you think.

Steven Long

By: Steven Long
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