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The Stages of a Criminal Defense Trial

To an outside observer, a trial may seem like a complex or even mysterious process. While trials do follow a multitude of…

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Video SEO for Lawyers

  Video SEO is similar to the search engine optimization you do for your law firm's website and it's pages, except this…

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Using a Trust to Protect Your Assets

When you create a Trust (watch attorney, Mark Bregman, explain), you may believe you are automatically protected against loss -- and with…

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The Benefits of Video Marketing

Learn how video marketing can help your law firm. Local Lawyer Guide is a national video marketing, production and listing service for…

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Arizona Dissolution of Marriage

In divorce, many issues require a resolution. Those issues can be resolved either by you or by the court before you can…

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A Judge Can Order a Parent to Attend Counseling in Arizona

A Judge Orders a Parent to Attend Domestic Violence Counseling in Arizona Can a judge order a parent in a child custody…

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