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How Attorneys Know They’re Creating Engaging Content

966 views | 01/19/2015 | 0 Comments | Matt Gottesman

Bounce RateAnalyzing Law Firm Content

Hi, I’m Matt Gottesman founder and editor in chief of Hustle and Deal Flow, For more engaging content it’s best to have 30 to 40% as a bounce rate. Now that often takes a lot of time to work up to and that gives a lot of time for you to test out if whether or not you’re content is engaging enough. You’ll be able to track this through Google Analytics. So a bounce with a 40 or 50% you’re doing quite well. Now, again remember what you are providing on that particular page. So when you see 60, 70, 80 or eve 90% first think you have to ask yourself, “How long have you had that content up? What was the purpose of that page? Was it solely to come in there, get that particular information and then leave? Or is it just truly a bad experience and it’s just not easily navigable for the person who came to get some information from you?” Typically you can find your bounce rate inside of Google Analytics.

Setting Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use. Simply by signing up from your gmail account and then taking a code that they actually provide for you and dropping it in the back end of your website. Now while that sounds very difficult it doesn’t have to be. Typically a lot of websites have a very specific location that you can just drop that code in with one click of a button. Or more often or not you can actually give it to your webmaster and they can do it within seconds.

Analyzing Your Law Firm Bounce Rate

So bounce rates are good indicator of whether or not you’re content is performing poorly or they’re performing great. Again that’ll just come down to the fact of what that particular page is providing. Do you have enough engaging content? How much content is on there that’s keeping them on there longer? Where did you drive them too after they left that page? Do they stay on your website? All these indicators will tell you if you’re doing very well with your bounce rate. If you have a poor bounce rate, again you’re just going to want to ask yourself, are you giving enough information? What are they doing once they’re done with that information? Are you sending them to anywhere else? Does it fall flat? If there’s not enough information for them and they can’t get anything else are they quickly exiting as quickly as they can?

Matt Gottesman

By: Matt Gottesman
HDF Magazine

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