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3 Reasons Every Attorney Needs Video for Content Marketing

1241 views | 10/23/2015 | 0 Comments | Matt Gottesman

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Hi, I’m Mark Gottesman, founder and editor-in-chief of Hustle and Deal Flow, When you think content marketing, one of the key components that you can put into your plan, if you will, is video and there’s three main reasons we use video.


The first, because it has the highest engagement period on the Internet. It’s the easiest form to be viewed on every small platform.


The second is because you can take a large amount of information and condense it into an easily transferable visual experience with proper log analysis that somebody can digest, whether they want to listen or they want to watch.


The third is because they could interact and get to know you better. Generally, people want to feel more like, “Who’s the person that’s giving me all of this information?” When they can see you, they start to feel like they have a one-on-one with you and that one-on-one makes them feel a little bit better about the information that they’re digesting from you.

Video Marketing for AttorneysVideo is also a great way to portray a consultative environment. The viewer that’s going to be watching you is going to be able to better understand what your niche is, how you interact with them, and you’re also going to answer some general questions that they have well before they even come to your office. That’s key because you want them to know specific answers well before they ever come to your office so that way you can spend more time on the information that’s pertinent for the timeframe that they’re given.

Matt Gottesman

By: Matt Gottesman
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