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Attorney Relationship Pyramid

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How Clients Rank Attorneys

Clients give their business to lawyers at the top of the relationship pyramid, and I can tell you how to get there. This is Attorney Larry Bodine and I’m a web and marketing consultant who helps lawyers get more business. To get to the top, you’re going to need to see the clients rank attorneys by how close a relationship they have with them. And this ranking of lawyers will look a pyramid.

Technical ExpertsTechnical Experts

At the bottom, you’re going to find a lot of technical experts. Clients call these attorneys for a one-shot deal. They’re very good at what they do but there’s no relationship when the work is done.Technical experts typically stay in the office and they communicate by FedEx, fax and email.

Personal Counselor

Now, skipping everyone in the middle, you’ll cross a line near the top where there are very few professionals like Hughes & Coleman Kentucky accident attorneys, and this is where you find the personal counselor. This is the go-to laywer that clients call when their careers are on the line. The personal counselor visits them at the office and always asks if the client is happy with the firm’s service. The personal counselor is so close that he knows the names of the client’s children and pets and sees the client face-to-face routinely.

Bottom of the Pyramid

Unfortunately, many lawyers work in a way that puts them at the bottom of the pyramid. They bill a lot of time, they don’t take anybody out to lunch and they never go anywhere with a client. And they don’t know much about the client’s problems. So ask yourself, where do you show up on the relationship pyramid? This is Larry Bodine and you can get more marketing tips at

Larry Bodine

By: Larry Bodine
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