5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Attorneys

By: Bill Fukui | 10/19/2015 | 1852 Views

Target Niche Keyword Phrases How can our firm get our website to appear on a specific keyword phrase search on Google? My initial recommendation is to not...

Attorney Relationship Pyramid

By: Larry Bodine | 10/26/2015 | 2165 Views

How Clients Rank Attorneys Clients give their business to lawyers at the top of the relationship pyramid, and I can tell you how to get there. This...

Law Firm Website Bounce Rates

By: Tighe Wilhelmy | 11/04/2015 | 852 Views

What is Bounce Rate? Welcome to another episode video marketing tips for lawyers. The purpose of this video is to explain how using video on you law...

Understanding Retargeting for Lawyers

By: Steven Long | 12/07/2015 | 921 Views

Introduction This is Steve Long from Precision Legal Marketing. In this video, we’re going to be talking about re-marketing and retargeting. So many folks refer to this...


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