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How Attorneys Should Use Social Media Marketing

948 views | 12/11/2015 | 0 Comments | Bill Fukui

Social Media for Law Firms

I know we need to leverage social media, but our firm has not seen any results from it. Why? Unfortunately, there is no one silver bullet to social media marketing success, and even the goals of social media can differ from one firm to the next, however, here are some suggestions.

Social Engagement

Most firms equate social media with simply posting frequently on your social media, but that doesn’t mean you are engaged in social media. Posting is only one aspect of social media. Your firm needs to also interact in order to grow your online community and get them to connect and engage. After all, social is half of the name, and the underlying catalyst. Rather than simply budget all of your social media time to posting information, devote some of it to seeking, finding, and engaging with your online community. This includes things like plus-one-ing, liking, and simply acknowledging your connection in that you care about the relationship.

Marketing Coordination

Another suggestion is to make sure you coordinate your social media platforms with one another, and this includes your website, blogging strategy, and your database email marketing. Keep in mind, email is the oldest form of social media and the most direct medium to generate exposure, stimulate activity, and prime your social media pump. Don’t forget emailing in your social media mix.

Social media can also have an impact on your search engine marketing. By promoting target content and pages with links in your social media, newsletters, and email updates, you can use your loyal audience to build traffic, popularity, and credibility to high priority pages and boost their listings. Ultimately, it is important that you develop a helpful, engaged spirit to drive your social media effort. It will be more rewarding to you and you’ll get better results.

Bill Fukui

By: Bill Fukui
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