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5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Attorneys

1915 views | 10/19/2015 | 0 Comments | Bill Fukui

Target Niche Keyword Phrases

How can our firm get our website to appear on a specific keyword phrase search on Google? My initial recommendation is to not be overly fixated on any one keyword phrase as a measurement of your success. The internet is a much more holistic marketing effort and that includes SEO. However, to answer the question let me share five tips to target specific niche keyword phrases.

1. Indexing Assets

First, keep in mind that Google doesn’t just index websites per se but rather the assets of websites, particularly pages. And each page has a unique address. Find the page of your website that Google ranks the highest for that keyword phrase and focus on that page. It’s not just about adding more pages about the same topic that gets your listing to rise.

2. Track AnalyticsSearch Engine Optimization

The second tip is to track the analytics for that page, the number of visitors, average time on page, click through activity and so forth. The objective is to identify how users like this page and continually improve it.

3. Rewrite Existing Content

Tip number three is to revisit the page’s content, its organization, headings, readability, creativity, keyword density and more. Rewriting existing pages that have already been established with equity is the most overlooked strategy to improve results.

4. Images, Video & Calls to Action

The fourth is to asses the page’s assets. And what I mean here are elements to support the content such as optimized graphics, photos, videos, links and calls to action. All elements to help visitors consume and comprehend your content. Helping Google visitors helps yourself.

5. Linking

The last tip is to link to that page, and what I mean here is to focus on links that actually drive traffic to the page. Links purely for linking sake have minimal impact, it’s traffic bearing links that make the difference. Google finds websites that actually attract traffic and engage visitors more credible, and over the course of time, more authoritative.

Bill Fukui

By: Bill Fukui
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